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hey guys! i’m helping a friend out to win backstage passes to see SNSD, and i’d really appreciate it if you guys could please just ‘like’ the comment by “Ken Ken”!!! you don’t have to do anything else, you don’t even have to CARE about k-pop; all we need is a ‘like’! we’d be extremely grateful. please get anyone else you can to ‘like’ it as well. thank you very much! :)

4evercomics: love your blog.

Thank you :)

Alpha Flight #3Aurora by John Byrne
Alpha Flight #6Snowbird by John Byrne
Aurora by Casey Jones
Psylocke by David Yardin
New X-Men #139Emma Frost & Jean Grey by Jimenez Phil
Aurora & Northstar by Tom Burgos
Marvel Women by Terry Austin
Aurora by Jamie Fay
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